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Picking the Perfect Siding for Your Home

Whether it’s remodeling, adding or just giving your home some additional curb appeal, picking the perfect siding is an important step.  You may have started your search for new siding by selecting a color, whether you saw it online or driving past a neighbor’s house. The next step is to choose which profile is best suited to your house.

Here are a few different options to help you make a decision:

Horizontal or Vertical

The architecture of your home will definitely affect the sort of profile you choose.  More traditional house styles will gravitate towards the horizontal siding. This profile suits a craftsman as well as Cape Cod style homes.  Vertical siding doesn’t just catch the eye; it can also offer the height illusion. One one-story houses such as ranch styles, we suggest using this profile.  By choosing the vertical siding in a neutral color, it will also help to create a feeling of grandeur.

Size Matters

Another thing to think about is the profile width.  A majestic home, like a colonial one, will benefit from a wider panel as it will improve the large facade of the home.  To give off the effect of height, choose a smaller profile that will cast a pronounced shadow. Again, this is perfect for a house in the ranch or bungalow style.

Shake & Shingles

When selecting materials for your home’s exterior, don’t be afraid to mix textures.  Shake and Shingle Siding is often perfect for smaller homes or as accents on larger ones.  Vinyl Shake and Shingle resembles natural wood without all of the maintenance and upkeep.

True to You

Picking the perfect siding can be a huge task, it can be complex and sometimes overwhelming, but we hope our tips on choosing the ideal colors and profiles help!

All these tips are simply suggestions, if you fall in love with a particular color and profile, go for it!  The joy you’re going to experience when driving to your home is something you can’t measure. Go ahead and let the artist shine in you!


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